How To: Use positive imprinting to train a pet exotic bird

Use positive imprinting to train a pet exotic bird

Parrot Trainer Chet Wombach shows how to use 'positive imprinting' to get rid of negative feelings towards objects, people, or things. Exotic birds may not immediately adapt to a domestic situation and may find household life unnecessarily threatening or stressful. Watch this video training tutorial and learn how to use the technique of positive imprinting to better acclimate a pet parrot, cockatiel, Macaw, or any exotic bird into the household environment and to be a happier, healthier, and generally better pet.

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Hello I got a 6 yr old cockatoo from a bird rescue & she on the tame side allow me to scratch her head & she comes to me when she fly out of cage,she been chewing on her left leg & has plucked a few feathers around her leg,I only had for a week trying to bond w/her,I took her to the vet which they bandage her leg & I have to give her her meds,which I have a hard time giving them to her,I don't want damage the bond W/her do you have a easy way to give her meds,right now I have to use a towel & force it on her, she won't take very easy she not use to me,she bites,thanks for your

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