How To: Train a cockatiel to stop biting

Train a cockatiel to stop biting

Interested in learning why cockatiels bite? Expert parrot trainer, Chet Womach, shows why Cockatiels are so prone to nibble on their owners, and a quick technique to help you stop being bitten. Learn how to prevent a pet cockatiel from biting you by watching this video training tutorial.

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You suck you bastard, you showed us nothing except a very well trained bird. Please start out with a untrained bird and do over this video. I do not see how you can get a "B" rating by just showing off your trained bird. Next time try to show us "How to stop our cockatiel from biting us!"

you #$%@!+ train yourself to wash your ass after you have a #$%@ .you will feel much better.then reward yourself with a few monkey nuts.keep smiling....

Hi I just got a cockatiels two days ago. She is not even a year old yet and she is already showing signs of biting. I want her to be a happy loving bird bird but don't know where to go from here. I have watched the video and plan on trying what you have said. Hope I can get more information on hot to do more for my bird to make her happy. Thanks

You suck at training this bird! My birds cage door is open 24/7 with 2 boxers at home....he will let you scratch him....hold him and ride on your shoulder. ....he bites only when he is me something useful!. I don't even know shit about birds and I have done a better job then you asshole

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