How To: Train a pet cockatiel to do tricks

Train a pet cockatiel to do tricks

Birds can be taught to perform tricks, just like dogs. This video tutorial shows techniques for how instruct a pet cockatiel to follow simple commands. Learn how to train a Cockatiel to do tricks by watching a professional parrot trainer show you step-by-step how he taught his Cockatiel the "How To Flex" trick.

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My cockatiel bit me today now i am afrade to touch it ,, it's a Normal Gray Cockatiel witch i hope is a boy ,, it's 3-4 mounths old , the bit made me blead a bit but it was small ,,please help me tame him thanks

how to keep your parakeet to stop bitting

I have a question that I have been dying to ask. Spike, my new cocktail bird bites and hisses even though he's a boy. He was ok with the store owner but not me. I tried feeding him by hand for us to bond more but he bites. I even tried making him stand on my finger but he still hisses and bites. When I tried putting him back in the cage I put him back with the lid of the cage. He has been in my house for three days. I just think it's a mater of time and he will get used to me and the cage but I just hope he'll get to like me soon. So could you give me some tips. I tried feeding him by hand but he keeps on biting even if I come near him I hope he doesn't hate me. So,please give me some tips as soon as possible.

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