How To: Make an easy birdbath

Make an easy birdbath

Make your own birdbath and spend hours enjoying the antics of birds in your yard.
You Will Need
* 12-, 10-, and 8-inch diameter clay flowerpots
* A saucer
* Acrylic paints
* Brushes
* Construction glue
* Brushes, stencils, or stamps (optional)

Step 1: Decorate
Paint the outsides of the pots and the inside and outside of the saucer.

Step 2: Build the stem
Stack the pots upside-down on top of one another, starting with the largest pot.

For a higher birdbath, add additional flowerpots.

Step 3: Attach the bath
Place the saucer on top of your stem and glue it to the stem with construction adhesive.

The ideal water depth in a birdbath is about two and a half inches.

Step 4: Find a location
Place your birdbath near a tree where it isn't too sunny or vulnerable to predators.

Fact: 90 percent of all extinct species are birds.

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