How To: Clip a bird's wings

Clip a bird's wings

There are several ways to clip a birds wings. This is for simple smaller birds. We use the towel so they don't flail and peck at the scissors.

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sick #$%@tard, hope someone smash you kneesto "prevent" you from running away

You are one sick person. Disgusting. Do you have cats that have had their nails amputated too? Sick and disgusting human you are. My son is in the veterinary medicine field; I understand the issues. WTF??????????????

why would you do that???what if there was a fire and they couldnt fly away they would just set there and die thats not right but i under stand if they get to long but cutting them that short i mean its like cutting our arms and legs a couple of inches off,really think about that!!!!!

Whoops I meant:

For all of you hating on this person who took the time to make such a nice video, you should realize that this is common practice used by a lot of bird owners. Yes I agree that this is cruel like breaking someone's knees so they won't run away, but please don't hate on this one person just because he's trying to educate others.

Holy #$%@ people, it's not like she's chopping off the bird's entire wing, she's just clipping a small, certain part of the feathers to disable flight for a LIMITED amount of time. And just so you know, this does NOT hurt the bird, as it would only cause damage if a part of the bird's actual wing was cut, and not just the feathers. It's just about equivalent to cutting your nails every few weeks or so

People, this is sort of like cutting hair, it doesnt hurt the bird and they aren't permenantly affected, the feathers grow back! :]

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